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Vectra Solution is offering high quality business consulting services in the areas of Business Management and Strategy, Business Planning and Business Analysis that can help any small business owner build and expand their business. Try our Business Consulting Services and never look back 


 Business Strategy Consulting is usually the process of planning, co-ordinating and managing of a business. For us business strategy is not just a process, is a piece of art. To survive in the long run, a business must be profitable and liquid. And in order to do so, it must create sufficient value for its customers so that its revenues exceed its total costs. The overall task of business strategy is to address successfully the problems that confront a business in its role as a value-creating organisation. 


 At Vectra Solution Consulting we see Business Planning as a valuable and exciting exercise that can be a major contributor to team building and a means of developing ownership/commitment to the plan. We use various types of exercises in the planning process, such as, financial analysis, SWOT analysis, MOST analysis and brainstorming. 

Additional services


Best option for your business is to give us take care of your complicated bookkeeping and reporting.

Company formation

In order to start business it is crucial to to understand what form of the company is best suited for your ideas.

Legal consulting

Be sure - we can handle each and every legal issue that can appear.

Market services

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is essentially a pattern or a plan that integrates your organisation’s major goals and objectives, policies and action sequences in a cohesive whole. At Vectra Solution we will help you in developing a marketing strategy which will ensure that your product or service is targeted at the appropriate market segment, priced correctly and is perfectly presented. 

Market research

Our market analysts here at PBC can conduct many different types of Market Research & Analysis including Competitor Research & Analysis, Customer Research & Analysis, New Market Research & Analysis, Product Research, Advertising Research etc. 

Product development

 At Vectra Solution we can assist you with the generation, assesment, development and implementation of new products and services within your company. Our structure and facilitation is flexible and this works equally well with services as it does with products. 


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